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You are not alone. Did you know that about half of all women in the United States have an unplanned pregnancy at some point in their lives? Adoption Link is available to help.

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Information for Unplanned Pregnancies

The Adoption Experience for Birthparents

Information for Unplanned Pregnancy in OhioClick on the link above for a complete overview of what you can expect in the adoption process, including:

  • Paperwork
  • Choosing a family
  • Your care and support
  • Physician and hospital
  • Adoption Link Standard Openness Agreement
  • Naming the baby and obtaining a social security number
  • Leaving the hospital and surrendering the baby

Openness in Adoption

A guide for birthparents. Click on the link above for a guide to:

  • Openness in adoption – what it is and what it is not
  • Establishing the boundaries that you want
  • Communications with the adoptive family
  • Providing a picture or scrapbook for your child

Answers to Birthparents’ Most Common Questions

Click on the link above to find answers to some things you might be worried about, including:

  • Already having given birth before you call us
  • How you can be sure that your child will be well cared for
  • How much your child will know about you
  • Handling a disagreeable birthfather

Ask a Question

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Birthmom Success Stories

Comments from Birth moms who have worked with Adoption Link

Adoption Link, Inc. was founded by Naomi Ewald, BSW, MSW, LSW, an adoptive mother and licensed social worker. She has years of experience in child welfare and private adoption. Naomi established Adoption Link based on the belief that adoption is a beautiful choice and the path to adoption should be as peaceful and pleasant as possible.

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