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Free Services for Birthparents

All services that Adoption Link provides to birthparents are free. They include:

  • Text or call 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 937-999-9859.
  • Receive counseling and confidential assistance with your goals and choices.
  • All counseling, support, referrals and legal services at no cost to you. Adoption Link can assist you immediately.
  • Help getting established with medical care, help with transportation, and with getting insurance coverage.
  • Assistance with your medical bills and your pregnancy related living expenses.
  • Support for you regardless of whether you decide to adopt or to parent.
  • A large selection of pre-screened Adoptive Families, of varying religions, races and ages.
  • The freedom to choose which family will parent your baby. Meet as many families as you want until you find the family that’s right for you.
  • Information about the legal adoption rights of birthfathers, with counseling on how to handle a disagreeable birthfather.
  • Assurance that your child will be well cared for.
  • Assurance that your child will know about you, including the option to meet the adoptive family and then to share letters and photos, and arrange for get-togethers.

If you are considering making an adoption plan for your baby, click here to access the first step toward an adoption plan.

Possible benefits of open adoption for your child

Here are a few ways that your child can benefit from open adoption:

  • As your child grows, he or she will understand that your decision to choose adoption grew out of your desire to give them the best life possible.
  • Most adopted children want to know: What does my birthmother look like? Why did she choose adoption? Open adoption allows you to share this information with your child.
  • Depending on how much contact you and the adoptive family agree on, your child will have the opportunity to know you throughout his or her life.
  • Your child will never need to wonder about their biological family, including knowing important information about their ancestry and health.
  • Your child will know about your life, as well. You may share important milestones in your life, such as when you go to college or graduate from a program. You may share a new address and updated photos of yourself.
  • Your child will have a sense of security, knowing it was you who chose this life for them.

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All services that Adoption Link provides to birthparents are free.
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