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Information for Adoptive Parents

Adoption Link Information at a Glance

Service Area: The State of Ohio. Adoption Link, Inc. focuses on domestic, infant placements.

Adoption Link, Inc. is a licensed adoption agency in the State of Ohio. We are a PCPA, which means a Private Custodial Placing Agency.

Adoption Link, Inc. works with birthparents and provides counseling or linkage to counseling. We also work with the birthparents on selecting a home study ready family that best suits them.

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The Process in a Nutshell

  1. Apply to Adoption Link.
  2. Meet with an Adoption Link social worker to complete your homestudy (typically, one visit in the family home and one visit at a neutral location). As part of the Homestudy process Adoption Link connects adoptive applicants to online training as well as reading materials on various topics.
  3. Continue to gather all your homestudy documents.
  4. Complete your Adoption Profile. This is the document we will share with birthparents when they are selecting a family. While many prospective adoptive parents try to create their profile using a do-it-yourself photo book, at Adoption Link we ask that you prepare a four-page 8.5 x 11 booklet. We have partnered with a local design firm, Adoption Profiles by Design, to help you create the best (and most affordable) profile possible. Because it is layed out by a professional graphic designer, the booklet generally accommodates every photo and all the text you’d like to include. Booklets are easier for our social workers to carry to birthparents and allow the birthparents to get to know you quickly, but thoroughly. (You may order a 4-page booklet here.) Birthparents will keep the document of the family that they select.
  5. Network on your own. Contact everyone you know that you want to adopt. Tell your pastor, your drycleaner, your best friend, all your friends – everyone!
  6. Get matched with a birthparent. A birthparent has asked to meet with your family and the meeting goes well. You’re matched!
  7. Your baby is born!
  8. Placement of the baby occurs after the birthparent(s) have signed the surrender agreement, usually at 72 hours after birth. Adoption Link holds custody until you go to court at six months to finalize your adoption.
  9. Post-Placement Visits: While you are waiting to finalize, your family meets with an Adoption Link social worker monthly.


Waiting Time: Varies greatly. Networking on your own helps tremendously. Based on the previous year, the waiting time has been between 9 and 18 months.

Adoption Link serves all of Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Cleveland, and we will travel to you.

Adoption Link, Inc. was founded by Naomi Ewald, BSW, MSW, LSW, an adoptive mother and licensed social worker. She has years of experience in child welfare and private adoption. Naomi established Adoption Link based on the belief that adoption is a beautiful choice and the path to adoption should be as peaceful and pleasant as possible.