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The Adoption Profile: Connecting with Birthparents

Your Adoption Profile is the primary way you connect with birthparents. It is how birthparents get to know you. Adoption Link shares your profile with birthparents when they are trying to select the adoptive family they think is best for their child. A profile that accurately represents you helps birthparents determine if you are the right fit. In other words, your profile is important.

At the most fundamental level, you want the birthparent who is reading your profile to get a solid idea of what life might be like for their child should they choose you as the adoptive parent(s). One thing we can safely say is true for all birthparents is that they are seeking a safe and stable life for their child, one that will give the child better opportunities than they themselves would be able to provide. After that, however, it’s hard to say what might click with a birthparent. That’s why you want to simply tell the truth about yourself: your lifestyle, your interests and hobbies, your family, and your work lives, as well as your values and your thoughts about parenting and adoption.

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