Adoption Link – Your Ohio Adoption Agency

Adoption Link, Inc. is a licensed adoption agency in the State of Ohio dedicated to working with birthparents and adoptive families throughout the lifespan of the adoption. We serve all of Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Cleveland, as well as smaller towns and rural locations in Ohio.

The Adoption Link Mission

Adoption Link, Inc. provides education and guidance to Ohio pregnant women and teens and to those Ohio individuals or families interested in adoption. We work to link Ohio adoptive families to Ohio birthparents seeking adoption and provide the ongoing network of support that is so crucial to the success of healthy adoptive families.

For Ohio Birthparents

Adoption Link will not judge or pressure birthparents into making a decision, nor do we charge you for any services. All counseling, support, referrals and legal services will be at no cost to you. Adoption Link will assist you with your medical bills and your pregnancy related living expenses. In Ohio, birthmothers are entitled to receive up to $3,000 for living expenses such as rent, utilities, food, transportation and maternity clothes. We serve all of Ohio and will travel to you.

For Ohio Adoptive Parents

Adoption Link has helped nearly 1,000 Ohio families adopt children, mostly infants, in an average timeframe of six to eighteen months. We provide pre-adoption support services, adoption education, homestudies, birthparent matching, pre-finalization and post-finalization services. We serve all of Ohio.

Adoption Link Is a Leader in Open Adoption in Ohio

Adoption Link recognizes and advocates the many benefits of open adoption to all the parties involved in adoption. Open adoption results in less grief and promotes better mental health among Ohio birthparents. Open adoption promotes understanding between Ohio birthparents and adoptive parents of their respective roles—enhancing trust, cooperation and information sharing. And open adoption is a blessing to Ohio adoptees, who have their important life questions answered.