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Meet Tyler and Sarah R.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparents,

Simply, thank you. We are truly inspired by your courage, sacrifice, and love for your child. We see you, hear you, love you, and value your decision to make an adoption plan. We do not take lightly the responsibility to walk alongside you in raising your child to their fullest potential. In fact, it will undoubtedly be some of the most important, beautiful work we do in our lives. And we are grateful.

Our Story
Growing up just a few houses down from each other, we were only eight and nine years old when we met, but we had no idea that our lives would be connected from that moment forward. We excitedly started dating in September 2018, were engaged in July 2019 and eagerly married in November 2019.

We now live in the sweet little suburb of Powell, Ohio with our two dogs, Ellie and Otis, and enjoy all the amenities our small town has to offer. Our weekly date nights are often spent indulging at our favorite local ice cream shop or Italian restaurant, taking advantage of the bike trails or nearby metro parks, or simply cooking a meal together and snuggling on the couch for a movie night. With the city just a short drive south, we also have access to all the best cultural experiences, sporting events, and concerts. And when it comes to Sundays, hands down our favorite day of the week, it’s all about serving at or attending church, sharing a meal with friends, and rest.

Great parents for your child
Chasing waterfalls in Tennessee

Sarah earned a Masters of Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources, from The University of Toledo. She currently runs a small local business as a Professional Home Organizer, leads a weekly women’s Bible study, and coaches indoor rowing classes part time for fun. Sarah’s schedule allows her to fulfill the role of full-time mother and affords her the flexibility to serve our family first.

Sarah, in Tyler’s eyes: “Sarah is the salt of our family. She is passionate, energetic, nurturing, and detail-oriented. Her faith in God is the cornerstone of her being, and she is often respected by others for her insight and wisdom in navigating life.”

Tyler earned a Masters of Science in Nursing from The Ohio State University and works as a Pediatric Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Tyler, in Sarah’s eyes: “Tyler is the absolute rock of our family, calm, level-headed, tender-hearted, and service-minded. He puts others first and will stop at nothing to ensure he exceeds the expectations placed on him..His smile lights up any room he enters.”

Friends and Family
We’re blessed to be surrounded by a village of people second to none. We have made many deep friendships within our church family and regularly experience an overwhelming amount of support as we navigate life. Our family, most of whom live only an hour-and-a-half drive from us, also play a very active role in our lives. We not only have opportunities to share holidays and birthdays together, but also enjoy the luxury of making a quick trip to spend a day at the pool, take a boat ride on the lake, enjoy a cookout, or simply share some hugs and quality time. Not to mention, every other summer our family rents a big house on the beach where we get to rest, catch up with each other, eat, and most importantly, laugh.

Wonderful couple wants to adopt
Backyard fun with our sweet dogs, Otis and Ellie

A Sweet Home
Our three-bedroom farm house sits tucked back off a peaceful road in a safe, quiet neighborhood. Our oasis of a backyard is surrounded by big, old trees, frequented by deer, rabbits, and every type of bird; including owls! It was undeniably created for an abundance of s’mores by the campfire, nature walks, cookouts, and games. We live in one of the top-rated school districts in Ohio and are fortunate to have several metro parks with playgrounds, hiking trails, and sports fields nearby.

Thank You
Our deepest hope is that our children know their value in every way, understand their biological and cultural roots, and recognize how much they are sincerely loved. We are greatly humbled and thankful that you would take the time to learn more about our family. And we are equally eager to learn more about you and to share in this journey together!

All our love,
Tyler and Sarah

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Powell, Ohio.
We’ve been married since November 8, 2019.
Tyler works as a Pediatric Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Sarah works as a Professional Home Organizer.
Our hobbies include walking our dogs, gathering with family/friends, exploring new foods and cultures, impromptu dance parties, traveling, and basically anything outdoors.
We believe our lives are rooted in one simple truth: love. As Christians, we believe Jesus exemplified the love we are meant to share unconditionally.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.