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Meet Trey & Meaghan O.

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Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for taking this time. We feel immense gratitude that you may be giving us this opportunity to create a family. If you choose us as adoptive parents, you will always hold a special place in our hearts and our family.

Our Story. We were both raised in the small town of West Milton, Ohio, and we first met at the age of 5 on the t-ball field. We started dating our sophomore year of high school, continued during college, and eventually married in 2018. We have spent the last couple years traveling, updating our house, and working toward starting a family.

We were both raised in the Christian faith, and intend to raise our children in the faith as well. We plan to give our children a very open and loving home where they always feel like they belong.

Both sides of our families live in the same town as we do. We are close, and love spending time together. We are looking forward to our children playing with our nieces and nephew, and also with the children of our friends, who we consider family. Both friends and family are excited and supportive of our adoption journey.

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After a hike up Grand Sable Dunes in Michigan

Life Together. One of our favorite things to do is travel. We love the outdoors and have a great time lying on a beach, hiking in the woods, finding a new waterfall, or just spending an afternoon on our front porch. We love time spent together and are always having fun — sitting on the deck with friends, enjoying our hot tub, or watching a Bengal’s game. We cannot wait to share with our child this life filled with joy.

Quick facts about us
Favorite Friday night activity: Order a pizza and sit by a bonfire with friends and family
Favorite trip taken together: Hawaii
Dream vacation: Europe
Favorite summer activity: Going to an outdoor concert
Favorite holiday to celebrate: A tie between Halloween and Christmas
Favorite tradition: Cutting down our Christmas tree at a local farm
What we are most looking forward to with adoption: Getting to know our child’s birth family and creating new bonds

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Our wedding day

About Trey. I would describe myself as hardworking, funny, loyal, and understanding. I have a doctorate degree in nurse anesthesia, and take pride in my work. I enjoy being engaged in my community and do so as an active member of our town’s volunteer fire department. In my free time I enjoy home improvement projects, fantasy football, snow skiing, golfing, and keeping my lawn looking nice.

About Meaghan. I am patient, fun-loving, trustworthy, organized, and positive. I have a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, and I have worked as a therapist at Dayton Children’s Hospital for the past five years. It’s great caring for children and families. Outside of work, I love to listen to audiobooks, walk my dogs, spend time with my friends and family, tend to my houseplants, and travel.

Thank you for considering adoption and choosing so much love for your child.

Trey & Meaghan

Our Family At a Glance

We live in West Milton, Ohio. We’ve been married since 2018. We work as a nurse anesthesiologist and a pediatric occupational therapist. Our hobbies include traveling, walking our dogs, shopping, watching sports, and relaxing at home with family and friends. We believe that open adoption is a wonderful opportunity and a blessing to all involved.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.