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Meet Rena S. & Jimmy T.

Adoptive family


Dear Birth Parent,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn a little about us.

We believe adoption is an incredible blessing. We both grew up believing that adoption is a beautiful gift and something to be celebrated. When we learned that we would not be able to grow our family biologically, we knew right away that adoption was the right calling for us.

We met in 2017 and knew almost instantly that we had found our life-long best friend and that we wanted to build a life together. Two years later, we got married and have since made our home in the suburbs of Cleveland. Rena has degrees in business, nursing, and healthcare, and works as a Senior Manager for a health insurance company. Jimmy was a bilingual loan office for over ten years before chasing his passion to help others. He attends nursing school and will become an RN in 2024.

Adopting couple believes in open adoption

About Rena Rena’s favorite ways to spend her free time include working on puzzles, cooking up recipes she finds on Pinterest, decorating our home, attending church, and volunteering in her community.

Rena feels blessed to have a job that allows her lots of time off to travel. She is often researching or planning our next big adventure – the more unique, the better! Her favorite place to travel to is Egypt because of the history, culture, and food.

About Jimmy Like Rena, Jimmy also loves to travel all over the world. In addition to this, he enjoys video games, riding his motorcycle, listening to informative podcasts, watching documentaries, skiing, volunteering, and 4-wheeling.

Jimmy loves to find out the way things work, and then teach everyone else he knows!

Loving couple wants to adopt

Our Village We have called the city of Macedonia home for the past 3 years. We love this diverse community because of its mix of cultures and families from all over the world. Our home is in a brand-new subdivision full of young families with children, and we recently renovated one of our spare bedrooms into a beautiful gender-neutral nursery. We are a short drive from Lake Erie, Metroparks, children’s museums, theatre, playgrounds, and a lot of amazing cultural events.

We have a strong, supportive network of friends and family nearby who support our desire to adopt. We plan to raise our child at home and take turns to provide childcare during working hours. Our child will never lack for love, affection, or attention from our family -including our dogs, Roxie, Joey, and our puppy, Taco.

Great parents for your child

Thank You We welcome the opportunity to grow our family with you through the blessing of adoption. We are agreeable to the level of openness you are comfortable with, and our child will grow up understanding their special adoption story.

Thank you for considering us for this unbelievable gift, and know that whatever you choose, we wish you strength and peace as you navigate your journey.

With Love,
Jimmy & Rena

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Macedonia, Ohio, 30 minutes south of Cleveland. We’ve been married since June 2019. We work as a nurse and a nursing student. Our hobbies include travel, karaoke, going to cultural events, volunteering, and adventure! We believe open adoption is a beautiful way to build a network of love and support for our child and our family. A child can never have too many people to love them.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.