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Meet Max & Alyssa O.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparents,

We’re Max and Alyssa! In our home, there is a whole lot of laughter. We feel lucky to be married to our best friend and to be raising a fun-loving son, and our jokes and silliness bounce off the walls of our home. We try to make joy and hope a part of our everyday lives, because we know that there are days where joy doesn’t come easy – we have had many days and weeks where uncertainty and heartbreak cloud our world. By creating our foundation on hope, joy, and as much laughter as we can muster, we’ve been able to ride out some of the hardest storms of our lives without losing sight of ourselves or the love we have for each other. We are raising our son Bennett to seek out the good, the silver lining, the optimistic hope, even in the face of struggles. We hope to raise another child in in the same love.

Ready to adopt again
A good time at the pumpkin patch

We met in 2009, married in 2014, adopted our son in 2020, and spend our days telling jokes and giggling with each other. We live in a suburb close to Cincinnati where we love to visit restaurants, parks, the zoo and enjoying the woods and rivers surrounding the area. Our home has a huge front yard and wooded trails in the back, so we find ourselves playing outside every day. We love to travel to new places, we’re working on visiting all 50 states. We’re totally National Park nerds, and hope to visit all of them in our lifetime! We look forward to sharing our love for nature with our future child, and dream of teaching them to fish, playing in the dirt, taking family walks in the woods, and enjoying wildlife with us.

Great family ready to welcome and love your child
Morning on the porch. Life is good!

We always desired to be parents, and when fertility treatments proved unsuccessful for us, we were overjoyed to welcome our son Bennett through adoption. We have an open relationship with Bennett’s birth mother and see her frequently. We are very flexible to different levels of openness and involvement of birth parents in an adopted child’s life – we understand that humans, relationships, and adoptions are immensely complex, and we look forward to finding what relationship works best for all of us and is in the best interest of this child, and we are willing to navigate the future changes that life brings.

Loving parents for your child
Enjoying our trip to Belize in November 2019

Thank you for considering this journey for yourself and your child. Adoption is a deep, beautiful, sacrificial love and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be considered. Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you!

Max & Alyssa

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Loveland, Ohio.
We’ve been married since September 2014.
We work together as business owners of a home remodeling company.
Our hobbies include reading, exploring nature, traveling to new places, and making terrible jokes.
We believe adoption is beautiful and sacred, and that every adoption is unique, just like each individual involved in the triad.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.