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Meet Jordan & Libby W.

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Dear Birthparents,

Hello. We are Jordan and Libby. We have always wanted to be parents, and now is the right time, as we are secure both emotionally and financially, settled in our new home with stable jobs.

We have been married since 2014 — nine years as we write this. We love our lives together. We enjoy going out to dinner, taking our golden retrievers Minnie and Daisy for walks, working on the house together, attending festivals, and spending time with our friends. We often get together with Libby’s family, who lives nearby, watching football or finding new places to try, such as a local park or new restaurant. Libby enjoys reading, cooking, and baking her ’famous’ chocolate chip cookies for friends and family. Jordan helps out on base at the USO with young Airmen. We like traveling to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where we can be out in the mountains, and visiting Siesta Key, Florida.

About Jordan

I would describe myself as a loving and caring old soul. I am even tempered, like to make people happy, and am a hard worker. I am in the Air Force reserves and also work with the Air Force, ensuring my unit and five other units are ready to deploy overseas and across the nation at any given time. I take my job seriously and endeavor to be great at it. I have a natural tendency to care for others: my military teams, and also my friends and family. On the weekends I like to watch football either here at home or at the homes of friends. I love to sit on our deck with our dogs to relax.

Couple is ready to adopt
“Jordan is strong, courageous, loving and kind. He is a very hard worker and passionate about the military. A provider for the family, he keeps me strong in times of weakness, provides reason when I am not thinking straight, and encourages me to be a better version of myself.” ~ LIBBY

About Libby

I would describe myself as loving, patient, quiet, calm, and caring. Like Jordan, I like helping others, both on the job and in my personal life. I work as a nurse in the med-surg telemetry unit at Kettering Health Washington Township. My job schedule is flexible and will allow me to be home to take care of our child. I enjoy traveling, reading, spending time with friends and family, cooking and baking cookies, watching football with friends and family, kayaking, and riding my bike.

Adoptive family
“My wife is everything to me. Loving, patient, caring, and kind, she is my rock. She has helped me get through two deployments. She is more concerned about other people and their happiness and puts hers behind theirs.” ~ JORDAN

Life at home

We live in Bellbrook, Ohio, in a one-year-old four-bedroom house that is very open and has a lot of natural light. Our neighborhood is beautiful and safe with many young families, great local schools, and lots of green space. Our wonderful location puts us close to the best of everything in this area, with easy access to three different cities. We enjoy many local parks, the Boonshoft museum in Dayton, and the Columbus and Cincinnati zoos.

Our family is small but close and most live nearby, making it easy to get together often. We have a great group of local friends, and we spend lots of time with them and their children. Our circle of friends has grown In this first year of living in our new house, as we have become friends with our neighbors in the cul-de-sac and enjoy spending time at each others houses or just in the yard with the dogs running around.

Thank You!

We believe in open adoption and look forward to having a relationship with you, to the extent that you desire. Should you choose us, we promise to give your child a loving and nurturing home, filled with joy, support, and opportunities so that your child may thrive. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as parents for your child. It would be the greatest blessing of our lives.

With great respect and love,
Jordan & Libby

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Bellbrook, Ohio.
Jordan works at Wright Patterson Air Force Base as the Mission Support Group Unit Deployment Manager, and Libby is a registered nurse on a medical surgical telemetry unit at a local hospital.
We’ve been married since October 18, 2014.
Our hobbies include taking the dogs for walks, traveling, watching movies, Libby loves to read, watch birds on our feeders on the deck, spend time outside.
We believe open adoption is best for everyone involved, most importantly the child so they know where they came from and who their family of origin is.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.