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Meet Jeff & Rachel P.

Adoptive family

Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you for taking this time to learn a bit about us. We are Jeff and Rachel. The desire to welcome a child into our family through adoption has been in our hearts since early in our marriage. When we reached a point in our relationship and careers where we felt we had created a solid foundation to grow our family, we welcomed our son, Vincent, into our family in 2020. He is the joy of our lives!

Our Home

Our home is on about 3 acres and is surrounded by the family farm. We spend lots of time outdoors working around the house and taking walks in the woods behind our house. We love animals and have a dog and three cats, as well as some chickens we also like taking care of! There are several parks and walking and bike trails nearby that we enjoy often as a family. Our relatives live nearby, and they are waiting with open hearts and arms to welcome this new child.

Loving parents for your child
We love our home.

The Three of Us

Jeff is a nurse practitioner in an urgent care at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where he enjoys the fast pace. He works 12-hour shifts and his office is only 25 minutes from our house. Working longer shifts allows him to have more days off during the week, which is nice, and his office only has daytime hours.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys being outdoors working in his orchard, hiking, and riding his bicycle. He is also a beekeeper, taking care of beehives around the farm and producing honey. He loves being a dad.

Rachel previously owned a salon, but today operates a small floral business selling flower bouquets, which allows her to focus on caring for our son. Seeing Vincent learning and experiencing new things is a constant blessing! She and Vincent spend time together at the library, the park, or at a “Mom’s Group” at our church where Vincent gets to play with other children and moms get to connect.

Rachel is creative, doing DIY projects around our home and spending time in the garden, as well as being active hiking, doing yoga or going on walks.

Vincent is our sweet, funny, adventurous 2-year-old who loves spending time outdoors playing with his toys, exploring, or playing with our pets. We often walk to the family farm to see the tractors, his grandpa, and, as he calls them, the “baby moo cows.” Vincent adores his grandparents, and won’t miss a chance to play with his cousins who also live nearby.

Lovely couple wants to adopt.
Hiking in Tennessee

Our Adventures

We love to travel, exploring new places, learning about their history and culture. Early in our marriage, we traveled to Spain, Prague and Germany, hiking, touring some of the cities, and eating delicious food! We love trying new food so, we occasionally try and find food tours in one of the cities to experience the local food. It is always a fun way to learn about the area while we are visiting!

When Jeff was in college, he raced bicycles as a job, traveling most weekends to other states to do so. He doesn’t race as often now or outside of Ohio, but when he does, we usually try and make it a family trip, visiting the area he is racing in!

We hope to share our love of exploring new places with our children one day, going to new countries and around the US

Thank you.

We are deeply grateful for you not only considering our family in your adoption journey, but for the selfless love and gift you are providing your child by considering adoption. We are excited to begin the adoption journey, and we would love to support you and your child on this path.

Jeff & Rachel

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Shreve, Ohio. We’ve been married since October 2014. We work as a nurse practitioner and stay-at-home mom. Our hobbies include hiking, biking and gardening. We believe open adoption is in the best interest of everyone involved, particularly the child.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.