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Meet Addy and Jarrett S.

Adoptive family

Dear Birth Parent,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking this time to learn a little about us.

We believe adoption is a special kind of miracle. Jarrett and his younger sisters were adopted as infants and grew up believing adoption is a great gift — something to be celebrated.

We met when we were both attending Miami University in the summer of 2006, dated for a few years, and then married in the summer of 2011. After living in Oxford, Ohio, for several years while Addy worked for the University and Jarrett pursued his Master’s degree in English Literature, we bought our first home in Cincinnati in 2014. Addy began working with the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation in 2016 and was recently promoted to a high-level position in Human Resources. Jarrett has worked as a freelance web developer since 2015.

We have lived in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati for nearly a decade now and have deep roots within this wholesome and accepting community. Family lives nearby and we love to host big dinners that are also open to friends in the neighborhood.
Great parents for your child
We are dog people! We recently welcomed our puppy Ajax to our home.

About Addy

When Addy isn’t hanging out with her family, she enjoys practicing yoga, gardening, working on home improvement projects, and exploring Cincinnati, especially the different coffee shops throughout the city.

Addy feels lucky to have a family that loves to travel together. They often take camping trips or find a place within driving distance for a weekend getaway.

Loving couple ready to adopt
Enjoying the great outdoors in Montana

About Jarrett

Like Addy, Jarrett loves to travel and explore new places. Some favorite places are Big Bone Lick State Park, famous for its bison and its fossils, and the Red River Gorge, where he and Addy love to go for weekend camping getaways.

Jarrett works from home, so he’ll take on the role of stay-at-home dad and become the primary childcare provider on most weekdays, something he is very much looking forward to.

Our Village

We found a diverse and welcoming community in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, surrounded by friends and neighbors, many of whom we have known since college. The people around us are also growing their own families, and with three different elementary schools only blocks away, our neighborhood is full of kids. We have parks and playgrounds, a nature preserve, a recreational center with a community pool, an independent bookstore (Jarrett’s favorite!), the local branch of the city library, a very cool record store, and two different ice cream shops (Addy’s favorite!) — all within easy walking distance from our front porch.
We promise to love your child
Our front porch is perfect for visiting with neighbors

Thank you.

We know we will love your child and can promise a home full of happiness, celebrations and love.

Whether we have the opportunity to meet you or you choose a different path, we are truly grateful for your consideration.

With much love,
Addy & Jarrett

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have been married since 2011. Addy is a Director of Human Resources and Jarrett is a freelance Web Developer. Our hobbies include reading, hiking, board games and puzzles, and taking road trips to visit friends and family across the country. We believe that adoption is a miracle, and that an open adoption is in the best interest of everyone, especially the child.
For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.