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Meet Dani & Nick F.

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Dear Birth Family,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are Dani and Nick and we are ready to adopt again. We are the proud parents of an amazing 15-month-old boy named Scotty. Adoption made it possible for us to become parents and for that we are abundantly grateful. We are excited and hopeful to grow our family again through adoption. We both come from large families and are eager to have one ourselves. (And Scotty can’t wait to become a big brother!) We promise your child a life filled with love, support, and opportunity – and welcome you to be a part of it.

Meet Dani

Dani was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio along with her 3 siblings. She enjoyed school, socializing, and soccer growing up. She was fortunate to travel the world in her early 20s, before starting her career as a marketing consultant. Dani remains close to her family, who lives close by. She enjoys planning parties and trips that bring family and friends together. She is outgoing, adventurous, compassionate, and a little type A.

“Dani is a very warm, kind, and loving person. She is an amazing mother to Scotty. The love and bond that they share is truly incredible.” – Nick

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Meet Nick

Nick grew up in Lebanon, Ohio as the oldest of 6 kids in an active, loud, and loving home. Growing up, he enjoyed playing sports, wrestling with his 4 brothers, and music lessons. He played soccer in college and studied business. He got his MBA at Xavier and pursued a career in software sales. Nick bought his first home at 25 where he hosted many get-togethers. He is playful, fun, responsible, and committed to his family and his goals.

“Nick is a funny, thoughtful, and caring man who loves and provides for his family. He is a super hands-on dad…constantly “wrestling” with and being silly with our boy :).” – Dani

Our Family & Community

Both of our families live in the area so your child will always be surrounded by love and affection. We have a lively toddler, 9 nieces and nephews, and many friends who have young kids – so there will be plenty of playmates and play dates. We live in our dream home on a picturesque street that is an easy walk to grandparents, a great school, park, soccer field, swim club, and central square with restaurants and ice cream.

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Our Family At-A-Glance

  • We live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • We have been married since October 2020.
  • We work in Software Sales and Marketing.
  • Our hobbies include traveling, hiking, sports, music, and playing games.
  • Scotty turned 1 in August and loves parks, books, peek-a-boo, and making animal sounds.
  • We are a very active, fun-loving, playful, and adventurous family.

What we Value

  • Family above all else
  • Friendship & community
  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Spreading kindness in the world
  • Showing gratitude

We are a loving family wishing to adopt another precious child to share our love, support, and happiness with every day. Will you allow us to go on this journey with you?

With gratitude,
Dani & Nick

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.