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Meet Christy A. & Joshua K.

Adoptive family

Christy, 39

Loves art, crafts, plants, reading.

Joshua, 41

Loves motorcycles, adventures, hip/hop + rap.

First, we hope you are doing well during your pregnancy. We can’t begin to imagine how hard and overwhelming this decision is for you. We’re sending you the biggest hug right now. We hope that no matter what you decide, that you are surrounded by love, compassion, and support.

We’ve been together for 14 years! Married for 3! We asked some friends for a few words to describe us and they said: accepting and loving, caring, hardworking, ambitious, and fun. We live in a great diverse neighborhood, just a few minutes from downtown Cincinnati with our dog, Lily. She loves people and kids. We have some of the best neighbors ever, who are like family to us. Our own families are just 20 minutes away, we spend a ton of time with them! We have 11 nieces + nephews who we adore. Fun fact: We have 3 sets of twin nieces! And Christy is a twin also! All fraternal girls! We’re close to downtown and love going to art museums, city flea, smale park, restaurants in OTR, visiting our other small business owner friends, etc.

Couple wants to adopt a baby

We are full time wedding photographers and get to work together every day. We’ve been so privileged to work with so many amazing couples from all different backgrounds and are so blessed to get to spend such an important day with them. We’ve been fortunate to get to travel for work and we can’t wait to take our children with us one day. A few years ago we renovated our photo studio / office, so our work is just a mile away from home. We’ve also recently expanded and now have employees so we can spend more time at home as we grow our family! We’ve worked really hard to be 100% ready for children!

We’ve actually always hoped to adopt. Christy’s stepdad adopted her and her twin sister. She also has adopted siblings through kinship adoption. We became guardians of 2 of those siblings throughout their teen years! They’ve since graduated college and started their own families. We’re so thankful we got to play such a huge role in their lives and are so proud of them. Adoption has always been a part of Christy’s story. And while the forms of adoption in our lives are different, we want you to know that adoption is not foreign to us.

Loving parents for your bab

We always knew adoption would be a part of OUR story, and we recently learned infertility is as well. We promise to love you + your child unconditionally. To raise them to have love + compassion for everyone, and to support them in all of their dreams. We promise to have an open relationship, because we know from experience how important it is. We promise they will always know you and love you, and know not only the love you have for them, but the love we have for you too.

With love,
Christy and Josh

Our Family At a Glance

We live in St Bernard just outside of Cincinnati.
We’ve been married since April, 2019, but together for 14 years total.
We work as wedding photographers together.
Our hobbies include going to concerts, hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.
We believe in showing kindness to everyone, to always be loving and accepting, and to always support an open relationship.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.