Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet the adoptive family?

Yes. A meeting can be arranged by your Adoption Link social worker so that you can get to know the adoptive family.

What are the benefits to an adoption?

If you are not ready to be a parent, you can still give your baby the gift of life by choosing adoption. You can plan your baby’s future by selecting a stable, loving family to care for your baby. At birth, you can see your baby, name your baby, and love your baby. If you so choose, you can get updates on your child’s progress while you continue your education or career goals.

Can I choose a family for my baby?

Yes. At Adoption Link we can show you several profile books of waiting families. All of the waiting adoptive families have worked with our social workers and have completed a homestudy, which includes background checks as well as in-home visits by their social worker.

How soon after birth can my baby go to the parents I choose?

Your child can leave the hospital with the adoptive family. Your attorney, the Adoption Link social worker, and you will meet three days after the birth of the baby to sign the final paperwork. You never have to appear in court. We can meet at your home or at whatever location you choose.

How soon can I leave the hospital?

You can leave the hospital whenever your doctor says that you are medically able to go. Your baby will be cared for by the hospital staff and then placed directly into the adoptive family home, usually when the baby is three days old.

How much will my child know about me?

Your child will have all the information that you choose to share. Your Adoption Link social worker will help you complete a social and medical history. You can also include any other information that you wish to pass along. If you have chosen an open adoption, you may wish to create a scrapbook about your life to provide to the child.

What if I just want pictures and letters?

The adoptive family is happy to send you pictures and letters every month for a year and four times a year thereafter, unless you have asked for more or less.

What about the birthfather?

If you disagree on adoption or you no longer have a relationship with him, we will work with the court to determine if his rights can be terminated. According to Ohio law, you are not responsible for talking with him about adoption, before or after birth.

Will my child have information about his or her birthfather?

This will depend on the birthfather’s involvement in the adoption plan. Some birthfathers give their full medical and social history. In other cases, we will ask you to provide whatever information you wish to share about the birthfather.

How can I be sure my child will not be mistreated?

Adoptive families approved by Adoption Link have met standards set forth by the State of Ohio. In an open adoption you will see for yourself how well your child is cared for and how much your child is loved.

Are my expenses paid?

The adoptive family is responsible for medical bills, attorney fees and court costs related to the adoption. Please let your Adoption Link social worker know about any bills that you have related to your pregnancy.

Can I name my child?

Yes-you can decide what name to put on the original birth certificate. You may even decide to work with the adoptive family before the child is born to choose a name together.

Can my child find me if he or she wants to search someday?

If you choose a closed adoption, your identity will remain anonymous. Remember, open adoption reduces the “searching” since the adoptive family, the adopted child and the birthparents keep in touch with one another as the child grows.

What if I get home from the hospital and decide to place my child for adoption?

You can place your child for adoption when he or she is of any age. It is easiest for children to adjust to their forever home and family when they are young. If you are struggling with finances, education, or career and feel that parenting is overwhelming, you can choose adoption. You have every right to make an adoption plan for your child.