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Meet Matt & Tressa Y.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking this time and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. It means the world to us. We have closer ties to adoption than most, as both of our mothers were adopted as babies. We’ve always dreamed of having a family of our own, and adoption will make this dream come true.

At this stage of our lives, we are totally prepared to offer a caring and stable home for your baby. Having been in a loving marriage for 15 years, we have all the love in the world to lavish on a child. We have the full support of all our family and friends, as well, as we embark on this journey.

There are so many things we love doing together — taking vacations, going to the beach, boating, fishing, grilling out, watching movies, and taking our sweet seven-year-old dog, Adalynn, for walks. We like to have a date night on Saturdays and usually go out to dinner. On Sundays we relax and do things around the house.

Traveling is our favorite activity. We adore the beach and have been to the Bahamas more than once. We also enjoy cruises. We are looking forward to taking our little one to the beach.

Adoptive family
At the Virginia Beach Pier. We love the beach and can’t wait to share this joy with our child.

About Matt. I am a very laid back person — kind, patient, loyal, and hard-working. I work as an industrial maintenance electrician, a challenging but satisfying job with great benefits. Both my employer and Tressa’s offer paid time off when the baby arrives. We will get to be home eight weeks.

About Tressa. I am a determined and capable person with many practical skills. I especially enjoy making sure everyone is well taken care of. I am sensitive and warm and care deeply about other people’s feelings. I work as a consumer service representative and love helping people resolve their issues. I also have great benefits and will be able to work from home, which will be great for us and our new baby.

Our Home. We live in a two-story townhouse, with a great, safe playground and a swimming pool. We love our family-oriented neighborhood that has lots of kids for our child to play with. The local school, only a block from our home, is highly rated.

There is an incredible amount to do right in the area, including the Cox Arboretum, the Dayton Art Institute, and the Boonshoft museum. There are many lovely places to take walks, and we are close to all sorts of shops, libraries, and restaurants. We can’t wait to enjoy all of this with our child.

Thank you again. Should you choose us to parent your child, you would be giving us the best gift imaginable. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your hopes and dreams, too.

With love and great admiration,
Matt & Tressa

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Kettering, Ohio. We’ve been married since September 2006. Matt works as an electrician, and Tressa works as a consumer services specialist. Our hobbies include boating, fishing, and hiking with our dog. Matt likes to golf, and Tressa loves to read. We believe that open adoption is what’s best for the child — to know where they came from and to have more people who care about them. A child cannot have too much love.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.