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Meet Matt & Joe Z-R

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Dear Birthparent,

Hello! We are Matt and Joe, and we appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about us. We cannot say how much we admire you for the decision you are making – considering giving us perhaps the greatest gift one person can give to another.

We first met in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2008 when we both started medical school, and we have been by each other’s side ever since. After medical school, we moved to Cincinnati to become pediatricians, which was even more demanding than med school. Through it all – the long hours, the challenging cases, the new experiences and adventures – the constant presence was our unwavering support for each other. We became a couple capable of facing any challenge.

Over time, we created a settled and stable lifestyle. We bought a home in an amazing community, with one of the best school districts in Ohio. We structured our careers to give us the flexibility to be active and involved parents and were blessed by a fantastic birth family who chose us to be the family for Olivia. We send pictures monthly to provide updates on Olivia and find time to meet in-person on a schedule that works best for everyone.

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Snow adventures

Olivia is an amazing 2-year-old who we lovingly refer to as our “happy girl.” She wakes up each morning with a light in her eyes and an adventurous spirit that soaks up new knowledge and skills every day. Our life is filled with playing outside in a large backyard, spending time with her many loving cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and dance parties to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” every night after dinner.

About Joe by Matt Joe is an extremely thoughtful partner, from planning the perfect trip to planning the perfect meal. He is an amazing dad – currently sharing his sense of joy, wonder, and adventure with Olivia. He is fully responsible for Olivia’s love of singing and dancing, traits that he will undoubtedly nurture in your child as well.

About Matt by Joe Matt is universally adored by our friends and family. In a word, he is kind, putting the needs of others above his own. As a father, he is a loving role model who demonstrates the importance of kindness and good will day-to-day, helping to encourage the curiosity and empathy we see in Olivia and that we’re sure will be just as strong in your child should they become Olivia’s sibling.

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How Olivia feels about being a big sister

Traveling is a huge theme of our lives together. We’ve traveled throughout the country as well as many places around the world, and look forward to sharing these adventures with our children.

Lastly, our work is extremely family friendly, and Olivia attends one of the best daycares in the city, owned and operated by the children’s hospital where we work. If you choose us as adoptive parents for your child, we both will be home for the first few weeks, and then at least one of us will be at home at all times until they are old enough to join Olivia at daycare.

While cherishing your child as our own, we will not lose sight of your important role in their life – hopeful that through openness and mutual respect, our child grows up recognizing that your decision to share them with us was made out of love.

With deepest respect,
Matt and Joe

Our Family at a Glance

We live in the Cincinnati area. We were married in 2016. We work as pediatricians – Joe works in a primary care clinic and Matt cares for children in the intensive care unit. Our hobbies include spending time with friends and family, hiking with our dog, and traveling. We believe that there are only positives to an open adoption, especially for the child. This has been proven by the great relationship that we have with Olivia’s birth family.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.