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Meet Kelley & Josie K.

Adoptive family

Hello, expectant parents.

Thank you for reading our profile. We hope you have many excellent options for adoptive families, and we are grateful to be among them. We send you peace and comfort as you make your decision. Thank you for considering us to be part of your birth plan.

We are Kelley and Josie, and we became a family through open adoption in 2019. We live in a cozy village outside of Columbus, surrounded by a vibrant community of family, friends, and art. Adoption made our family possible.

About Kelley My parenting style is based on mutual respect, positive guidance, and open discovery. I encourage curiosity and safe independence, and trust that it will result in a lifetime love of learning.

I have maintained in-home child care during the pandemic. Our nanny, Paige, is gentle, inspired, and attentive. Working from home means I am only a few steps away during these monumental early stages of childhood development.

My spiritual practice includes daily meditation and intentional gratitude. Meditation helps me stay connected to myself, which keeps me open, present, and aware as I navigate the world.

I work at a global financial institution, and lead a team that focuses on business risk. Because I have always sought roles that offer autonomy, mastery, and creativity, I get a lot of personal satisfaction from my work. My role accommodates a flexible work schedule and is fully remote.

Beautiful family ready to adopt
Our house is filled with great giggles and fun.

About Josie Josie will be a terrific sister. Her kindness towards our cats, dolls, and stuffed animals demonstrates a gentle and loving spirit.

Josie makes everything in our lives fun. She is a bright little kid; she is very much interested in what’s happening around her and can make a game out of anything. A fan of music, she gravitates towards toys that either play songs or make noises. She responds to musicals, and we’ve got The Greatest Showman and Hamilton on repeat in our house. She is particularly fond of Blues Clues and Elmo. She creates art with joyful abandon.

Our Home Ours is still a small town, and we are within walking distance our public schools, the library, and local businesses. I chose to live here for two reasons. First, our community very much prioritizes liberal arts and education, which I view as defining, core values. We see this through publicly-endorsed access to music events, art walks, and other community celebrations. Secondly, and more importantly, I chose this location because I wanted to deepen my support system prior to starting a family. My parents live in the home where I was raised, now 15 minutes away. We are very close to my parents and are fortunate to get to see them several times a week. They delight in being grandparents. As our biggest allies in this process, they accepted Josie and her birth family into our clan with open hearts.

Beautiful family ready to adopt
Next stop, Hemingway!

The future We know you want the very best for your child. Please know that we are entering this process from the same space. Our offer to your child is much love and a safe place to experience this amazing world. We are open to defining a relationship with you that meets your needs. We will celebrate and honor you in our home, and your child will always know who you are and how important you are to us.

All the best to you,
Kelley & Josie

Our Family At a Glance

We live in a small town outside of Columbus.
We became a family through open adoption.
Kelley works at a financial institution, and Josie toddles through our home looking for our two cats.
Our hobbies during the pandemic include taking walks around our community, playful learning, and making great art.
We believe in practicing whole-hearted living, authenticity, intentional gratitude, and radical empathy.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.