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Meet Kari and Nicholas M.

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Dear Birth Parents,

We are Kari and Nicholas (Nick). Thank you for learning about us and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We understand the love it takes to make an adoption plan and will honor that love forever if we become part of your plan.

We live near Dayton, Ohio, in Franklin Township. We have been married for almost nine years, and together for more than 10. We met in college because Kari, as a leader in campus activities planning, needed someone to run her technology at campus events — Nick was her go-to guy. We are both highly ambitious and hardworking, and we like to have fun and try new things, too.

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Meet Kari I have a master’s degree in psychology and am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Inactive. I worked for 10 years with individuals with developmental disabilities. While I have loved my career, I recently went to a voluntarily inactive BCBA status, and got a part-time fun job in order to focus on caring for and growing our family. If we are chosen, I have decided that I want to be a stay-at-home mom.

Meet Nick I have a bachelor’s degree and multiple certifications in IT and IT security. I currently work as an IT security expert for a major corporation and am fortunate to work from home. Although I will be working full time, I plan to be a very involved dad.

Our lives We have two dogs, Bios and Thor, and we spend a lot of time playing with them, training them, and taking them out to places such as the park and other dog-friendly locations. Our hobbies include archery, playing games (both video games and card/board games), seeing movies, thrifting/finding good deals (mostly Kari), and traveling.

We are both outgoing, love to joke, and are very social. We love to try new activities and go on adventures, and we are thrilled about the idea of sharing our joy in living with a child.

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We want our children to grow up to be independent, well-rounded adults, and we will accept whatever that means for them.

We want to adopt because we want to share our lives with children. We have dreamed of being parents and have prepared ourselves to provide our future children with a safe, stable, and loving home. We chose to pursue an open adoption because we feel that the more people a child has who love them, the better. We want this child to know their story — who they are and where they come from. We will respect whatever level of openness that you are comfortable with.

Thank you. If we become a part of your plan, we promise to love and support your child, giving them every opportunity we can. We promise your child will know their story — who you are, their culture, and traditions. Thank you again for taking this time. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your hopes and dreams.

With love and respect,
Kari & Nicholas

Our Family At a Glance

We live near Dayton, Ohio. We’ve been married since July 2014. Nick works as an IT Security Expert, and Kari is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Inactive, now working a part-time fun job in order to support and grow our family. Our hobbies include archery, spending time with family and friends and playing games. We believe that open adoption is the best way to build a loving and stable support system for the child.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.