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Meet Julie & Tyler G.

Adoptive family

Dear Birth Parents,

We are Tyler and Julie, and we are incredibly grateful that you’re taking the time to learn more about our family. As you are in the middle of making an emotional and difficult decision, please know how much we respect and honor the choices you make. It is our hope to be a support for you and to help fulfill the hopes you have for your child through this journey.

Parenthood is truly our greatest joy. As our children turn three and five years old, we are so ready and excited to welcome another child into our tight-knit, fun-loving family! We are a family that loves to do all things together and that certainly includes this adoption journey–we regularly talk about and pray for you together. We first started talking about adoption while we were just dating over 10 years ago. We have family members and friends who are adoptees, as well as dear friends who have adopted children, so we are thankful to have their guidance and loving support as we hope to adopt.

Loving parents for your child

About Julie, by Tyler. Julie is strong, devoted, and hilarious. She is a leader in our church, a source of wisdom and encouragement to the people around her, and a loving, patient mother. Outside of her stay-at-home mama role, she loves digging in our garden and doing anything crafty. Our kids are confident, kind, and joyful because of how great Julie is at being a mom! She is the backbone of our family and we are so blessed to have her.

About Tyler, by Julie. Tyler is kind, passionate, and positive. He works as a researcher at a local children’s hospital and loves being a very active dad in our children’s lives. When not wrestling our kids or making Julie laugh, Tyler enjoys reading and playing guitar. He isn’t a morning person or an evening person- he is an ALL DAY person, sun up to sun down. That’s certainly true of his character as a father! The energy and love he has for our family fills us up and keeps us going.

Meet Our Kids. Emery is our curly-haired goofball. She is our daily entertainment, constantly making us laugh! As such a smart, imaginative girl, she spends most of her day in her own little world pretending to be different movie characters or reading books. As the oldest child, we know that Emery will be a loyal and loving leader of her siblings. Jude is our joy boy! He is a lover of trucks and puzzles, and you can find him following his big sister around any chance he can get. Although he’s a busy and active boy, he still has a gentle, easygoing spirit. Jude has such a tender heart and he is already so excited to one day become a big brother.

A wonderful family for a child

Our Family Life. We began dating in college after being friends for a few years, and then got married in 2013. Columbus has been our home since then and we absolutely love it, especially the community we’ve created in our suburb of Gahanna. We are out and about any chance we can get: taking family bike rides, hiking as far as our kids’ legs will take them, and eating way too many s’mores around our backyard fire pit. We are grateful to have family closeby, as well as friends who have become like family. Our church is a major source of joy and support, as well as a great place for our kids to build little friendships. 🙂

Our Promise to You. Your child will be loved beyond measure and will always know the love that you first had for them. We promise to raise this child in a community that nourishes and supports their identity and culture, especially if it is different from our own. It would be our joy to build up this little one into the wonderful individual that they were created to be. Know that we are already praying for you and your child every single day!

With love,
Tyler and Julie

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Gahanna, Ohio. We’ve been married since 2013. We work as a researcher at a children’s hospital and a stay-at-home mom. Our hobbies include art, fitness, music, and family bike rides. We believe all children are wonderfully made and it is our life’s greatest privilege to help nurture them into kind, strong, and loving individuals.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.