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Meet Jonathan & Kiley M.

Jonathan and Kiley, waiting adoptive parents

Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We are Jonathan and Kiley Martin. We met when we were both working as chemical engineers for the same company and bonded quickly as we discovered that we shared a common outlook on life, including a deep love for animals.

We were matched with our daughter Aaliyah in 2018. Being parents has been our greatest blessing and the most important job we will ever have, which is why we pray that God will bless us with a second child.

We love life and live it fully! Many things bring us joy, including spending time with friends and family, going out to dinner to try new foods, playing with our animals (we are crazy about them!), traveling whenever we can, and, of course, being parents to Aaliyah.

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Our favorite wedding photo

About Kiley. I believe that the key to a good life is always putting your best foot forward and giving 110%. That’s what I do with my friends and family, with my work, and now, of course, with Aaliyah. Friends and family are number one for me, no matter what, but I also love my job and work very hard. I am a Senior Energy Advisor in agriculture. I value health and exercise, so I work out five times a week and make sure the family eats healthy. I love to travel, especially in Hawaii, and also enjoy hiking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling.

About Jonathan. I work as a Petroleum Economist in energy. I’m grateful that both of our jobs are stable and offer us the flexibility we need as parents. I played baseball all the way through college, and these days, I love to go outside for “ball time” with our dogs. I like reading and also watching TV that is history- and science-related. I enjoy puzzles as well as working with my hands around the house and yard.

Home & Family. We have a big house, with a beautiful fenced yard. Our neighborhood is filled children of all ages. Our home splits the distance between our two families. We’ve always been tight with our families, but Aaliyah has brought us all even closer. Both families are extremely excited about our second adoption journey, and both visit us often, since we have plenty of room and lots to do.

We are also very very close to Aaliyah’s birth family. We speak to her birthmom weekly and also Facetime and exchange photos regularly.

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Family photo for Aaliyah’s second birthday

About Aaliyah (by Kiley). I have never met a human being who loves life as much as Aaliyah. She is the most affectionate, kind-hearted, loving person on the planet. She has endless love for family, friends, and animals. Aaliyah wants to be outside and on the move from the minute she opens her eyes in the morning. She loves to swim, and can’t wait to start horseback riding. We basically live at the parks and at the zoo.

Thank you again for taking this time to read about us. We’d love to learn more about you and to work with you to build a beautiful life for your child. We wish you peace and love.

Jonathan & Kiley

At a Glance

We live in the Toledo, Ohio, area.
We have been married since May 2015.
We work as analysts in agriculture and energy.
Our hobbies include spending as much time as possible outdoors, fitness, traveling, and being with family.
We believe children are God’s greatest blessing and that the shared bond through open adoption is extraordinarily beautiful.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.