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Meet Jamie & Jessica C.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparent,

Hi! We are honored to have you read our profile and hope it gives you insight about who we are. We have been married for almost nine years. We are close with our families and enjoy spending birthdays, holidays, sporting events and even vacations together.

We have had time to enjoy ourselves as a married couple, but our hearts desire has always been to have a family. When we learned we could not have biological children, we grieved the loss but eventually felt extreme peace as we decided adoption would be our next step in growing our family. We can’t wait to open our home to a child and promise to provide stability, commitment, and endless love.

We attend a Christian church a few miles from our house each Sunday. Our faith is important to us as it has been a reassurance that God has a plan for us and our family.

A big part of our life is traveling with our boat to various lakes around Tennessee, Michigan, and Wisconsin, especially with our nieces and nephews, whether it’s a first ride in the tube or teaching them how to wakeboard or wakesurf.

A photo of Jamie and Jessica enjoying a beach vacation
The best beach vacation at the Isle of Palms

During the summer and fall we enjoy fishing, hiking with our dogs, watching college football, and grilling out some great food. Jamie loves cutting grass and working in the yard. Jessica loves baking and cooking, so there are always home-cooked meals, sweets to try, and lots of desserts on the holidays.

We have a wonderful support system not only with our parents and siblings but with a great group of friends and close neighbors. All of our family is either 10 minutes away or less than an hour drive from our home. We have a lot of nieces and nephews and can’t wait for our child to grow up playing with their cousins.

About Jamie (written by Jessica) Jamie is an adventurous kid-at-heart, always willing and wanting to try new things. He’s a favorite among all of our nieces and nephews with his full-of-life personality. He has been my rock in the ups and downs of life —truly my best friend and a wonderful husband. Deeply caring, he gives his all in everything he does and I know being a dad will be no different.

About Jess (written by Jamie) Jess is the most caring person I know. This is apparent with our nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids when Jess works to find the best birthday and Christmas gifts. She fills our house full of joy and love. The care she puts into our lives makes every day enjoyable! Her dedication and hard work inspire me. I can’t wait to see how she inspires a child.

A photo of this couple's two dogs who are super sweet and loving
We have two great dogs, Bocephus (“Bo”), our 10-year-old Golden Retriever, and Jett, our 3-year-old Flat Coated Retriever.

Home and Community: We feel lucky to live in a neighborhood filled with young, diverse families and neighbors who are close friends. A typical sunny day is filled with children riding their bikes, playing in yards or cul-de-sacs or walking with their families on the pedestrian trails. Our community connects to a local park and has a community pool. We are 30 minutes from Cincinnati, with access to the zoo, sporting events, concert venues, museums, and more.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to get to know us. We recognize the courage and strength you have to make your adoption plan. We assure you that your child will be loved and supported by us, our family and friends. We know God has a plan for us and we’re beyond ready to encounter the joys of becoming adoptive parents and starting this journey together with you.

With the greatest respect,
Jamie and Jessica

Our Family At a Glance

We live in a neighborhood full of young families in Mason, Ohio.
Jamie works in education at an elementary school, and Jessica works in human resources/risk management for a city outside the Cincinnati area.
Our hobbies include traveling for boating trips, going to concerts and sporting events, taking hikes and walks with our dogs, and working on landscaping and DIY projects around our home.
We’ve been married since August 2012.
We believe in open adoption as it is best for everyone, most importantly the child.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.