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Meet Hillary & Steve H.

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Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you very much for taking this time to read about us and for considering us as adoptive parents. We are Hillary and Steve Harvey. We have been married for eight wonderful years and are looking forward to many more. We know this is an overwhelming time for you as you make such a difficult decision, but hopefully we can walk the journey together. We have prayed for many years about growing our family and adoption has been the clear answer. For our children we promise to love wholeheartedly, provide a safe and happy home, and grant a life with every opportunity possible.

ready to adopt
Our first Christmas card after adopting McKenzie

About Hillary by Steve
Hillary graduated from Northern Kentucky University and currently works as a Procurement Coordinator for a company in Cincinnati. She is the kindest and most genuine person you will ever meet. Her incredible creativity and love impress me every day. Her consistent ability to be a loving, caring and affectionate mother to McKenzie has made my heart grow daily.

About Steve by Hillary
Steve majored in Professional Sales and Marketing and today works at an advertising and marketing firm in Cincinnati. Steve is funny and outgoing — a gentle giant who is caring and sympathetic. He is a great listener, whom others turn to for support and guidance. I love to watch as he shares his love and kindness with McKenzie. She has had him wrapped around her finger from the first moment. I look forward to watching their love grow.

Meet McKenzie
McKenzie joined our family through adoption in 2021, and it has been amazing to watch her grow and develop. She is constantly on the go and inquisitive about all new things. You can always find her playing with her blocks, rocking on her horse, or bringing you one of her books. She will be a wonderful big sister.

Loving couple wants to adopt
For Halloween 2021, we were a tailgate with the cutest football ever.

During our years together, we’ve created a great life!

We love to laugh. Whether Hillary tries to tell a bad joke from her daily joke calendar or Steve is doing a silly dance in the kitchen, laughing is an important part of our daily lives.

We believe traditions are important. Friday night pizza and movie night. Christmas Eve jammies and popcorn. We love our current traditions and are excited to create more with our children.

We enjoy time with friends and family. We have a great group of friends and family that we can count on.

We have faith. We believe in Grace. We trust in God! We always give Thanks. We love one another and we choose joy.

We make the most of Halloween every year. Every year we dress up in a group Halloween costume with the neighbors and hand out candy.

We embrace the holidays. We host an annual Cinco de Mayo / Derby party. We have multiple Christmas traditions. Hillary has handmade a wreath for every holiday and season.

Thank You.

We are already so grateful that you took the time to consider us as adoptive parents. There is no such thing as too much love a child can receive, and our hearts are full and ready to provide so much! We are praying for you and your little one daily and hope that God grants you peace with your decision.

With much love,
Hillary & Steve

Our Family at a Glance

We live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, in a great neighborhood with lots of young families and children. We work in Sales and Purchasing. Our hobbies include golfing, hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying time with each other. We believe open adoption is in the best interest of everyone involved, particularly the child. We’ve been married since August of 2013.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.