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Meet Emily & Dan S.

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We are Emily and Dan. Our relationship began over 15 years ago during our first week of college and we have been together ever since. Emily earned a degree in Interior Design and Dan in Mechanical Engineering. After Dan finished his first four years in the Army, we settled down and moved to a beautiful suburban neighborhood just outside of Dayton, OH.

We have learned how to be a team. The first few years of our relationship were spent in different states, even different countries, and we worked to develop our relationship. Special efforts were made to keep our long-distance romance alive and that meant we learned to listen to each other and support each other even when we couldn’t be together. Today we are a stronger couple for the work we put in while apart and love being together as a family. It’s why we came up with our family motto: Go Team. We are excited to add members to our team.

Wonderful parents for a child
Attending a Dayton Dragons Baseball game

We love going on adventures as a family. Emily is a serious athlete and Dan loves the outdoors which means our free time consists of going camping, hiking trails, playing sports, cooking, or trying something new. If we aren’t wandering the woods or at the ballpark, we can be found around our kitchen island spending time with our friends and family. Our kitchen is the center of our home and all adventures end with family and friends sharing a meal there. We have a huge support network in the area and are blessed to spend our lives surrounded by their love.

a couple who has adopted before
At a formal Army event

We believe in adoption. Neither of us are able to have kids naturally so adoption has always been in our family planning. Dan was adopted as a child and our son Julian was adopted in 2020. We have seen joy and love through adoption and understand how emotional and life-changing it is for everyone. We understand the magnitude of the decision you are making and the love that drives it.

Good parents for my child
Celebrating our ten-year anniversary at the Biltmore

Thank you! We are incredibly thankful that you would consider our family for your child. There is more that we have to share and more that we would love to learn about you. We are excited for the opportunity to go on this journey together.

With love,
Emily & Dan

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Beavercreek, Ohio.
We work as an Interior Designer and a Business Analyst .
We enjoy travelling, food, home renovation, reading, and spending time with family and friends .
We’ve been married since 2009.
Our son Julian was adopted in 2020.
We believe everything happens for a reason.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.