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Meet Dan D. and Joe H.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparents,

We are Dan and Joe, a same- sex married couple, living in a quiet neighborhood in Westerville, Ohio. We are so grateful for your selfless decision to consider adoption. Adoption has been on our hearts since we started dating ten years ago. We have been preparing to be dads for a long time, and we are excited to start a new chapter in our lives by sharing our love and compassion with a child of our own.

Our Story

We met through a mutual friend just after college and have been together for ten years now, marrying in 2018. Our interests, life goals, and values are in harmony, and have been for the decade we have been together. We have a lot in common, including favorite movies and TV shows, sports, planes, traveling, and finding new places to have dinner. Whether it’s our Monday night bowling league, Saturday morning curling club, or working around the house, we truly enjoy every moment we share.

Loving family
We deeply love our families and their children. Our time together, especially with our nieces and nephews (shown here), has inspired us to pursue adoption.

We spend a lot of time with our nieces and nephews going on play dates, watching movies, or having sleepovers. Family time has really inspired us to further pursue adoption. Joe’s sister has two adopted children and it’s wonderful to see the joy they have brought to our family.

We love our dog, Riley, an Australian Shepherd, who adores our entire family — mostly for belly rubs and treats. We often bring her to family functions and she loves to play with our nieces and nephews. She is playful, patient and very gentle.

Dan grew up in Bath, Ohio, a suburb of Akron, with an older brother and a younger sister, both of whom currently live just 15 minutes from them. Dan earned a degree in Economics, but has built a career in technology software development. While he doesn’t use his Economics degree in his current career, he does spend free time learning about business and investments. Dan has a passion for traveling and discovering the world around him. He also enjoys almost-daily cycling classes and following Cleveland sports.

Joe grew up in Spencerville, Ohio, a small farm town outside of Lima, Ohio. He was raised in a loving, close-knit family with his older sister and parents. Joe always wanted to work in healthcare and he found his niche as a nurse practitioner. In his free time, Joe loves to be active, whether it’s throwing the frisbee or going on runs with their dog, Riley. He likes to cook and experiment in the kitchen and has recently picked up baking sourdough bread.

Adoptive family
Visiting Hilton Head. We loving spending time together.

We live in Westerville, Ohio, a small town north of Columbus with a quaint, community atmosphere. Our neighborhood — with parks, trails, playgrounds, great schools, and kids of all ages — is ideal. We carefully planned our move here precisely because it’s a perfect environment to raise a family.

Thank you. We are excited to become first time fathers and our gratitude to you is beyond measure; without your selfless act of kindness we would not be able to start our own family. We look forward to meeting you!

Dan & Joe

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Westerville, Ohio, just north of Columbus, Ohio. We’ve been married since 2018. We work as a family nurse practitioner and software development project manager. Our hobbies include movies, reading, cooking, traveling, playing with our dog, technology, and exercising. We believe adoption is a selfless and brave act, which is why we both understand open adoption is the best option for everyone involved, especially the child.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.