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Meet Billy & Deepti T.

Adoptive family.

Dear Birthparent(s),

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are Billy and Deepti. Billy grew up in Delhi just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Deepti grew up in New Delhi, India, and came to the US for graduate school. We have been together for about seven years and happily married for over four years. Loving, jovial, warm, and multicultural are the best words to describe our family. Our different cultural backgrounds make us unique and adds a lot of adventure to our lives. Ever since we got married we wanted to grow our family. Our infertility issues led us to pursue adoption, and we were very fortunate and blessed to welcome our beautiful daughter Durga in April 2019. We named her Durga after the Hindu Goddess of power.

We have already adopted once.
Little miss Durga, a very happy and active toddler

Durga was only two days old when we got the phone call that made us parents instantly. Within a few hours we were at the hospital meeting her. We experienced nervousness, excitement, shock, joy all in a span of few hours. Billy’s parents were overjoyed to meet their first grandchild! Words cannot describe how much happiness Durga has brought to our lives. Parenthood has been a great experience full of adventures. We feel immense joy watching her grow and learn new things. She is now a happy, healthy and very active toddler. As parents we have so much more love to give and are dreaming of a second child and sibling for Durga. We are fully prepared to have a second child in our lives. Our hearts are ready to experience the immense joys of adoption all over again, as it gives us the opportunity to make our dream for a second child a reality, and a chance to form a special relationship with you, the child’s birth family.

Loving family ready to adopt
Fun family hiking trip in North Carolina

Our family is fun-loving and energetic. Billy is very kind and caring. He works full time for the State of Ohio as an Audit Manager. He attends church on Sundays and is well respected in his church family. He is a devoted father and loves taking Durga on walks and playing with her in the neighborhood park. Deepti is soft spoken and warm. She works full-time at DNA Diagnostic Center as an Associate Laboratory Director. She likes to cook healthy meals for the family. She loves feeding Durga, reading books to her and teaching her new Hindi words. On Easter and Christmas, we all attend church and also enjoy going to the Hindu temple to celebrate Indian festivals.

Great parents for your child
Out for a fun night in downtown Cincinnati

We feel blessed to be part of loving and caring families. Billy’s Mom, Dad, and three brothers are all very fun loving and supportive. They all adore Durga, showering her with a lot of love and attention. Billy has a large extended family with many nieces and nephews, most of them live in Cincinnati. We all get together on weekends, reunions, weddings, and holidays and have a great time. They all are anxiously waiting for the arrival of a new little one! Deepti’s family is small but close knit. Her mom Asha, twin sister Priya and her husband Dan and their daughter Sasha, live just 20 minutes from us. They all love Durga. Watching Sasha and Durga spend time together has made us look very forward to having a sibling for Durga!

We hope to raise a happy and healthy child who gets to experience our unique cultural backgrounds and adventures. Our goal is to instill in them values of love, respect, compassion, and hard work, and give them a good education. Please know that we will work hard to provide a secure and nurturing environment for them. They will have our unconditional love and support as they grow and work toward achieving their dreams and aspirations.

We feel very blessed that you are considering our family for your child. We have immense respect for you, as you contemplate the brave and selfless decision of an adoption plan for your child. We are excited for our journey to connect with yours.

With Love and Respect,
Billy and Deepti

Our Family At a Glance

We live in West Chester a Suburb North of Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ve been married since July 2017. Billy works as an Audit Manager for the State of Ohio. Deepti works full time as an Associate Laboratory Director at DNA Diagnostics Center. Our hobbies include taking walks in the park, yoga, hiking, reading books to Durga and playing with her. We believe open adoption is very healthy and beneficial to everyone involved especially the child. Additionally, it gives us a chance to form a special relationship with you, the child’s birth family.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.