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Meet Ben & Emily F.

Adoptive family

Dear Birth Parent,

First and foremost, thank you for taking this time to learn about us. We admire your courage and the deep love you obviously feel for your child. It must be an incredibly difficult and emotional time for you. Please know that our hearts go out to you!

Because of unexplained infertility, we have been unable to welcome a child into our home. Adoption has restored our faith in expanding our family. It is something we have prayed about for over three years. We have family members who are adopted, which has allowed us to see what a beautiful thing adoption can be.

We promise your child a life filled with love, support, and opportunity. They will have a safe and stable home. It is our deepest desire to raise a confident, loving, and compassionate individual. We want them to be proud of their unique story.

Loving couple ready to adopt
Gardening on a sunny day

Our Marriage
Our whirlwind romance started in December of 2013 through an online dating website. Despite living in different states, once we met, we shared an instant connection! By June of 2014, we were engaged, and on November 5, 2016, we tied the knot at a local church in a small, intimate ceremony.

Our Family Life
Faith and family are a top priority in our everyday life. Not only do we make time for each other, but we also visit with our extended family and friends often. We have special date nights and love going on long country drives. In the summer, we enjoy roasting marshmallows on a campfire with our nieces and nephew. Our Christian faith is important to us, and our church family is welcoming and inclusive.

We love to explore and go on adventures as a family, taking short trips to nearby places like the Erie Zoo and longer trips to places such as the Maine coast.

At the end of the day, we most enjoy being home on our farm. To us, it is the simple joys like a nickering horse and baby goat that bring excitement.

amazing with children
Ben riding his tractor

About Ben
Ben studied business and today works on the railroad as a crane operator. He is home by 4PM and gets lots of vacation time. Ben enjoys snowboarding, riding his tractor, home improvement projects, and watching a good movie. His friends and family describe him as outgoing, helpful, and hardworking. Ben is amazing with children and will make a loving father.

About Emily
Growing up, Emily loved riding horses and later turned this passion into a career, now working from home as a freelance writer for a horse magazine. She looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom. Emily’s favorite activities include going for walks with our dog Milo, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking delicious meals. Those who know Emily describe her as loving, compassionate and devoted to her family. Emily has so much love to give a child.

adoptive mom with so much love to give
Primrose loves to carry little children around.

Home Sweet Farm
We live on a quaint 8-acre hobby farm in Northeast Ohio. The land has gently rolling hills and is home to our horses and goats. It is surrounded by corn fields and livestock, yet is conveniently close to Lake Erie and a beach. There are also plenty of hiking trails and playgrounds a few minutes away. We are so grateful to have a mix of both city and country nearby.

Thank You.
We are grateful you have taken the time to learn a little about us. What a wonderful thing you will do by bringing this child into the world! Whatever your path may be, we wish you nothing but the best.

Warm regards,
Ben & Emily

Our Family At a Glance

We live in Conneaut, Ohio. We’ve been married since November 2016. Ben is a crane operator on the railroad and Emily is a freelance writer. Our hobbies include horseback riding, snowboarding, hiking, playing board games with family, and swimming at the beach. We believe a child can never have too many people to love them. Open adoption is built on honesty, respect, and above all else unconditional love.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.