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Meet Amisha & Matt K.

Adoptive family


We are beyond grateful for your consideration as you imagine and plan your baby’s future. Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little about us.

We’ve known one another for over 15 years and have been married since 2014. We share a passion for travel, exploring nature, and caring for our two silly dogs, Amigo and Enzi, as well as a few backyard chickens who we love very much!

We are best friends. We have shared many joys and adversities which have deepened our love and strengthened our relationship. Our marriage is centered around love, support, and mutual respect. We live each day with a sense of purpose and a sense of humor, making sure we put family first.

We enjoy an active lifestyle, exploring new cities and countries, exercising, participating in races and fundraisers, and regularly traveling to spend time with family.

Wonderful adoptive parents
Greece is a very special place. Exploring new places is important to us and something we will share with our child.

About Matt I grew up as the youngest child, with two older sisters in a rural community about an hour from Buffalo, NY. Blessed with an active childhood full of cousins and friends, I played high school football, wrestled in high school and college, and have taught and coached martial arts from beginner to advanced.

I have traveled the world working in the business consulting industry, but I really feel most at home in the woods, hiking or fishing with Amisha and our dogs. I love hands-on projects around the house and recently built a greenhouse, where we grow our own vegetables and herbs.

Loving couple wants to adopt
At the Magic Kingdom – we will definitely enjoy Disney with our child.

About Amisha I was born in India and moved to the U.S. as a teen with my dad and older brother, after my mom passed. As much as we missed the magic of India, we created a happy life for our small family in America. I was very fortunate to attend college and graduate school, and now have a successful career in the financial industry.

After living on three continents and traveling to four, I have developed a love of learning about different cultures and experiencing what they have to offer. I love to travel and hope that someday I can show our baby all the wonders of this world!  When not traveling or enjoying nature, I cozy up with a good book or try new recipes in the kitchen.

A great family for my child
Our dogs Enzi and Amigo take in the fall colors from the back deck.

We love our home, which sits on five acres of nature with a beautiful stream running through it. We enjoy sitting on our back deck and watching all the animals that share our land, including deer, ducks, squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, owls, and many more little creatures. With a greenhouse, backyard chickens, and our two beloved dogs, we have a wonderful home for a child to grow up in.

While we enjoy the privacy and space our home and land offers, we are only 15 minutes away from three major city centers and just a half hour from downtown Columbus.

Our hearts are filled with love and hope as we look forward to being parents. We have worked hard and persevered. We can provide a child with every opportunity to live a happy, healthy, enriched, and loving life. We will make sure this baby will be loved and cared for more than any other baby on earth!

With love and respect,
Amisha & Matt

Our Family At a Glance

We live in the Columbus, Ohio, area.
We’ve been married since April 2014.
We work in Finance and Business Consulting.
Our hobbies include traveling, gardening and spending time outdoors with our two dogs, Amigo and Enzi.
We believe open adoption can be in the best interest of all family members involved, and particularly for the child.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.